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Went to see Nan Goldin's exhibition at Kiasma. It was OK as a wholeness, but didn't make me go "Ooh!" or even "Aah!", just "Mmm, that's nice". (And of course: "Boobies *tee-hee*!") A few of the pics stuck to my mind though.

Anyway, worth every penny (was free).

Quick poll: Is this image too high?

I've kept the images 525* pixels on the short side (not such an issue with square images) and it makes these ones 788 pixels on the long side, which is quite a lot vertically speaking.

*525 pixels is a tribute to 5.25" diskettes. Don't ask me why. It's retro dude!


Comments for Kiasma

  • I tend to keep my short sides (about) 450 px (usually)... or, actually it's more like keeping the long side 600 px.
    pni @ 12.03.2008
  • It fits my screen(1280x1024) completely if I scroll down just a little bit. I use Firefox with “Classic Compact” theme which leaves quite a lot of room for important stuff.
    Miku @ 12.03.2008
  • I ended up hacking away in a manner which causes me the least work. (No need to resize the existing pics.) For smaller screens, high images are resized to a max-height of 600 pixels. Larger screens get the 1:1 image. Brilliant and simple, yet effective.
    Nikke @ 12.03.2008