Late for work
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Late for work


I've completely lost track of where I am - chronologically speaking. I've still been shooting daily and most days more than 1 frame. This leads to a whole bunch of photos of which I have little or no clue of when they are. At one point I even started taking notes of what I shot and when, but I remembered (or bothered) to do that maybe every fifth shot or so. Even so, it would've been helpful but I found some 5 or 6 notes in my little black book - all those pictures are already posted.

So what I'm basically saying is this: I'll be posting pictures that may or may not be in correct chronological order. Certainly there will also be pictures taken on the same day. I'm not even going to try (very hard) to get it right. But as I see it, that's fine. This project was about the shooting, anyway.

And the project has certainly taught me yet another lesson: be orderly or be lost. I can promise you this is not the last time I will be lost. But atleast now I can be the who says "I told you so" to myself.

I have further thought about this project, but I'll save them for later. The Grand Finale or whatever...