The beginning
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The beginning


It's the last day of the year and I'm on my way home from work. It's late, very late, and all light is gone. Everything under EV2 makes my old trusty Sekonic Auto-Lumi useless, but luckily I carry around a copy of the Ultimate Exposure Computer, so I'm all right.

Actually, I took a few pictures earlier this day during my lunch break. And even though most of them are useless, because they're boring just like this one, it was still very hard to decide which one to pick. Perhaps I should start another blog for the pictures that don't qualify...

Some friends from Holgarocks started photoblogs too, in the theme of shooting and publishing a picture every day of the year. This year, it means 366 pictures. Check them out: Jaska, Kuningash, Maru, Mr. P, Peet, Quid, Vettis, Virus.

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