Rolling tribute
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Rolling tribute


I first tried to imitate Miku's award winning photo (couldn't find it, but it's somewhere in there). That didn't work out all that well, but this one was quite nice anyway I think.

What this one also is, is it's quite similar to one of Jani Kyllönen's pics. I had another contender, which also has certain similarities to one of Jani's pics.

I have no idea what this means.

action bicycle jopo motion

Comments for Rolling tribute

  • Nice! You included the Jopo logo in there as well. I think you meant this one of mine: It would be nice to have a search function in the Pixelpost software.
    Miku @ 30.04.2008
  • Yep, that's the one! Search would be nice, yes. I'm working (very slowly) on my own hacked version of Pixelpost. Maybe I could chip in a search into that one.
    Nikke @ 30.04.2008